Piazza della Cisterna

This charming square with its original triangualar shape is the heart of village. Built in 1237 and enlarged in 1346, it takes its name from the cistern (well) in the middle the square.
Ancient buildings and towers alternate in perfect harmony all around the square: Palazzo Tortoli, with its elegant mullioned windows dating back to the fourteenth century, the cut-off tower which belonged to the Pucci family between the nineteenth and the twentieth century, Hotel Cisterna, the former residence of the Cetti and Bracceri families, then turned into a Children’s Home (Ospizio dei Gettatelli); Palazzo Ridolfi, the towers and the houses that belonged to Beccis and Cugnanesis; Palazzo Pellari and Palazzo Ardinghelli, with its two towers. On the other side of the square, Palazzo Lupi stands with its Torre del Diavolo, the Devil’s Tower.