Ornithological Museum

The complex of the former Coservatorio di Santa Chiara has been recently renovated and houses today three different sections: The Archaeological Museum boasts a large collection of artefracts discovered in the area of San Gimignano, tracing the history of the town from the archaic Etruscan period up to the 18th century. “Spezieria dello Spedale di Santa Fina”, the ancient pharmacy founded in the mid 13th ccentyry, reproduces the layout and original scents of the pharmacy, one of the oldest in Tuscany. All the products were stored in extremely good quality ceramic and glass vases. Many ancient medicinal preparations are also exhibited, such as scorpion oil, together with some of the components used to prepare remedies, such as mandrake or precious gems. 
The second floor of the building houses the “Raffaele De Grada” Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, with works by several artists such as De Grada, Guttuso, Sass, Treccani, Vacchi, Guidi, Fieschi… ). The Gallery regularly houses interesting temporary exhibitions and organizes art events.