Monteriggioni is a fortified town loftily perched on top of a hill. Thanks to its beauty and position it has a natural tourist vocation. Monteriggioni was an ancient castle founded by the Republic of Siena at the beginning of the thirteenth century as an outpost against Florence. It was contended over during the century-old war for supremacy between the two cities, and finally conquered by the Florentines in the sixteenth century. Its thirteenth century walls are a bright example of medieval fortifications. The walls run on perimeter of 1850 feet, with two gates and 14 quadrilateral towers. Inside the walls is the main square of the Borgo, which maintains an intact medieval look.

The medieval festival “Monteriggioni di torri si corona” takes place every year in mid-July, and take visitors back to ancient atmospheres. All the inhabitants wear historical costumes for the occasion. Ballad singers, minstrels, musicians, and mountebanks animate the centre, whilst artisans show the ancient medieval trades: the blacksmith, the engraver, the rope maker, the lute maker. Real workshops and laboratories can be admired inside the castle: the coin mint, the water mill, and the paper shop.